Here is your Guide to Basic SEO

If you are reading this right now, then you are probably aware of the system that governs search engines. The engines that I am referring to are Yahoo, Bing, and Google. Other alternatives to these are DuckDuckGo, Search Encrypt,, Gibiru, and CC Search also, try to get some internet en bellen aanbieders and compare.

Although there are a lot of search engines that are available for people, we are going to focus on the top search engine right now. This is Google. According to, Google sites have taken more than 60 percent of the market share. The statistics will only continue to increase unless the other search engines do something radical to change the ballgame.

What is SEO?

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. What companies do here is to optimize the content of their website. Optimizing the pages means using keywords and counting keyword density so that Google rightfully crawls the company’s website. The more people click on the site, the more Google recognizes the links that go your website. Find and search where to buy targeted traffic online here.

Your main goal in SEO is to bring your company website pages to page 1 of the search results. Another goal is to maintain your ranking as much as possible. Competitors are always trying to outrank your site so you have to constantly improve your website. SEO is being consistent with the enhancement of your website and monitoring of competitor’s moves. And of course, relax and find some weekend Amsterdam events.

Should I really care about ranking in Google?

The simple answer is yes. Since many people are using Google to search for something that they are looking for, you have to make sure that the product that they click on is from your company. Say, for example, you type “what to do in Amsterdam.” Your company website should be the one that comes up on search results because most probably, the user will likely click on the first product or service. And you can get a filefactory premium link generator online.

What should I do to rank?

First and foremost, your page needs to have good content. You don’t always have to buy website traffic. If you have a well-written article, your target customers will definitely read your content. It will allow more staying time for the user and more opportunity for him to buy a product or call you for more information about your service.

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